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We hold a GLAA Licence, and 100% of our workers supplied are legally entitled to work in the UK. We have robust internal systems in place to ensure regulatory compliance.
We are regularly audited by our clients, and external bodies including BOPP, SEDEX, ETI and our end clients including Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Marks and Spencer, Next and many others.

All of our systems in place reflect and incorporate both the Conduct of Employment Businesses and Employment Agencies 2003 and the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

Pro-Force will ensure that:

All advertising, sourcing, recruitment and selection methods are both compliant and fair
All temporary staff have access to Day 1 rights
Careful monitoring of the Qualifying Period and Week 12 Rights
Checking employment history of workers to ensure compliance
Client support in managing Assignment and Qualification Period dates
We constantly strive towards Gold Standard – being recognised as the Employer of Choice for our workers and employees. We work towards exceeding the expectations of our staff, clients and customers at every turn.

We embrace principles which guide how we manage our business, and respectfully treat one another as colleagues and partners. Our employment policies and practices are based on our core values of equality, diversity and inclusion, and are designed to provide a framework for sourcing, recruitment, selection, training, developing and rewarding all our workers and employees.

We take our social and environmental responsibilities are aware of their far reaching implications, beyond that of the workplace. We are dedicated to ensuring best practice in all aspects of our business operations.

For further information on our compliant processes and procedures, please refer to our Accreditation Page.

As an established labour provider into the agricultural, horticultural and industrial industries, Pro-Force Limited offers the following statement pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This statement outlines our processes to minimise and reduce the risk of slavery, human trafficking and labour exploitation within our supply chain.

Pro-Force stands at the front line of the supply chain into sectors which are highly susceptible to modern slavery. As such, we recognise the importance of implementing proactive processes; conducting our business affairs with integrity, demonstrating best practice and continually monitoring to ensure our systems and controls are effective in identifying any potential risks in relation to modern slavery.

The core values underpinning our processes to mitigate potential risks to our business, our clients businesses and our workforce are:

• Transparency
• Zero Tolerance
• Continual Improvement

These three key values are evident in all aspects of our business, from worker recruitment and selection through to placement with the end client. We will not knowingly engage or deal with any business involved, directly or by association, in modern slavery, human trafficking or labour exploitation. Our policies outline our internal management systems and control measures in place to mitigate risk.

• Preventing Modern Slavery & Labour Exploitation Policy
• Safe Recruitment Policy
• Workplace Communications Policy
• Recruitment Compliance Principles

These management systems are paramount in ensuring we are able to identity and investigate any instance of exploitation at the earliest possible stage. We are totally transparent in our approach and conduct all our recruitment directly. We do not engage with any overseas agencies who charge fees, enabling us to have total control over our recruitment process, minimising the risk from ‘hidden third parties’.

Our internal training programmes equip our front line employees with the vital skills they need to recognise signs of modern slavery and forced labour. All staff in worker welfare impacting roles are required to undertake our bespoke safe recruitment & worker management programmes. We take a zero tolerance approach to any instance of unethical behaviour.

Pro-Force have been Stronger Together Business Partners since 2015, and the good practice toolkit has become intrinsic and imbedded into our business culture. This commitment is evident in every level of our business; our Senior Management Team conduct worker interviews directly themselves as part of our approach to ensuring effective two way communication between our workers and our management. We are continually audited by our own internal team, key stakeholders, regulatory bodies and our clients, and our transparent approach allows us to make necessary changes and improve our processes.

We are totally committed to regulatory compliance and ethical standards, continually assessing and improving our standards. All our workers are given the tools they need to identify indicators of modern slavery, and all reporting channels are clear. In the instance that an issue should arise, it is immediately escalated to the relevant authorities to investigate, with the full cooperation and support of Pro-Force.

Pro-Force is committed to a culture of equality and diversity within the workplace, whereby individuals are selected, trained, promoted and treated on a basis of their relevant merits, skills and competencies. All workers and applicants will receive equal treatment regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, martial status, disability, religion, political belief, socio-economic background, parental status, trade union membership, sexual orientation, gender identity, working hours status, or age.

Pro-Force is committed to adhering to the Equality Act 2010, in order to ensure that Pro-Force is a consistent, fair and equitable place of work. Pro-Force has a duty to eliminate all forms of discrimination, direct and indirect, harassment, bullying or victimisation. Pro-Force ensures that, through the use of robust and fairly applied policies, providing relevant training, consulting with staff that correct action is taken at all levels to ensure no worker is subject to any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation as a result of any protected characteristic, as defined by the Equality Act 2010, or any other reason.

The principles of equal opportunities are embedded within all the activities of Pro-Force, and any recruitment, selection, induction, training, learning or development opportunities, promotions, regrading or otherwise, will be based on an individual consideration of individual needs, merits, achievements and competencies, and not on the basis of any other consideration.

Pro-Force is committed to developing and maintaining a working environment which encourages all workers to contribute fully to the life and work of Pro-Force. Pro-Force is supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of individuals and insists upon respect for others. Pro-Force recognises that reputation, performance and social impact are key to commercial success, and Pro-Force will ensure that the core values of diversity, equality and fairness are held in the heart of all business activities, ensuring all workers, clients, customers and stakeholders are treated with dignity and respect.

All statements, policies, procedures, criteria and provisions will be reviewed regularly, in order to ensure compliance and improve all aspects of practices designed to promote equality and diversity

Pro-Force Limited is committed to developing and implementing a proactive and positive approach to tackling the hidden exploitation of migrant workers. Pro-Force, as a leading Agricultural, Horticultural, Industrial and Driving labour provider, recognise the role we play in the front line of the recruitment process, and are vital in tackling the problem of labour exploitation and human trafficking head on.

Preventing Exploitation
Labour exploitation is the exploitation of job applicants and workers. It is often hidden from compliant, licenced labour providers and their clients, and carried out by third parties, including individuals and organisations. It includes forced labour and human trafficking, payment for work finding services, and work-related exploitation, including the forced use of accommodation. It is often well hidden by the perpetrators, with victims, if they perceive themselves as such, are often very reluctant or frightened to come forward, for fear of repercussions, which could include violence, or other forms of persecution or intimidation.

Business Partners
Pro-Force is a Stronger2gether Business Partner, and is committed to tackling the problems of hidden labour exploitation, in all aspects of our business, from sourcing and recruitment through to placing workers on assignment with our clients.
Our public evidence is available via:

As a GLAA licenced business, Pro-Force is dedicated to protecting vulnerable people and preventing worker exploitation. We work with the GLAA to tackle the problems of the industry including criminal activity and poor practices, ensuring our own practices represent excellent and Gold Standard in every aspect.

As a Stronger2gether Business Partner, we demonstrate a transparent approach towards our commitment to protecting our workers, reducing forced labour and worker exploitation. We are dedicated to developing proactive and positive approaches to tackling the hidden exploitation of migrant workers, and recognise the role we play at the front line of the recruitment process, and how vital we are at tackling the serious problems of labour exploitation. We ensure all our staff are trained in recognising and dealing with issues, and correctly follow our internal procedures at all stages of the recruitment, management and welfare processes.

Pro-Force, as a responsible and proactive business, hold key in all aspects of our operations, adherence and compliance to all aspects of UK and European health and safety law. Our staff and workers are all provided with free of charge, extensive H&S training, ensuring we protect our staff, clients, consultants and contractors at every stage. We ensure that our workplace is safe, injuries and accidents are reduced, effective control measures are in place, and the relative risks are carefully managed.

As a SEDEX registered member, we are dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices throughout our supply chain, from recruitment through to the end client. We focus on reducing risk, protecting our workers and clients, enhancing industry reputation and improving supply chain practices.

As a member of the Freight Transport Association, we ensure we stay on top of the latest developments within the industry, demonstrating excellence in all aspects of our driving division and ensuring compliance throughout our operations.

Pro-Force is a registered member of the ALP and our Managing Director, Matthew Jarrett, sits on the Member’s Council.

We work closely with the ALP to address and remedy industry problems, at all levels from the ground floor to the boardroom. Ranging from tackling key issues such as the risks of worker exploitation, through to ensuring supply chain transparency.

Developing and setting best practice standards, Pro-Force implement such processes into our own business and internal procedures, ensuring we are on the edge of the latest changes and developments in the industry. Ensuring legislative adherence, client satisfaction and a competitive edge, by working with the ALP we can ensure we are the Employer of Choice for our workers, and a long term business partner for our clients.

As a part of the ETI, we stand on the edge of promoting respect for worker’s rights around the globe. We are a key part of the vision where all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equity. We are dedicated to improving working conditions, developing codes of labour practices that we and our clients work towards, addressing key issues such as wages, working hours and health and safety.

As a registered member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, we abide by the REC’s Code of Professional Practice. We are committed to raising standards and highlighting excellence throughout the recruitment industry. We focus on managing risks, developing standards of excellence and developing our staff – both our workers and our employees.

Pro-Force is committed to an organisational culture of equal opportunities within all aspects of employment, whereby individuals are selected, trained, promoted and treated on the basis of their relative merits, skills and competencies. All staff members and job applicants receive equal treatment regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, disability, religion, political belief, socio-economy background, parental status, trade union membership, sexual orientation, gender identity, working hours status, or age

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 

At Pro-Force we are committed to ensuring that all our staff can reach their full potential. We support and value diversity in all forms and we work to create an environment where career progression is available to anyone.

This approach is taken across all levels of the business, whether it’s our internal employees or our staff on assignment with our clients. We strive to be the Employer of Choice for all our staff, and welcome this opportunity to outline the steps we have taken and continue to take, to ensure both men and women have the same opportunities and support in order to succeed. Having a committed, inclusive workforce that is representative of the wider society is vital to the ongoing success of Pro-Force, and through monitoring the pay gap we can understand it, and take action to reduce it.

This report is covering 2016 – 2017 gender pay gap data.

What is the Gender Pay Gap? 

The UK government has introduced a requirement for all employers to publish their gender pay gap data, effective as of April 2017. The legislation aims to highlight differences between job opportunities for men and women. The pay gap is measured as the difference between men and women’s earnings per hour and is expressed as a percentage of men’s pay.

It’s not the same as an “equal pay”, which measures the pay for males and females doing the same work. Pro-Force does not discriminate on any basis, and we are confident, through our own internal auditing, that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs.

Pro-Force’s Business

As a labour provider to the agricultural, horticultural and food processing sectors, our gender pay gap figures are affected by our large temporary workforce. As a total, our gender pay gap is 2% which is under the UK average.

Our bonus rates are higher for males due to the types of roles we provide, notably seasonal, manual field work, which is often carried out by men. The work is typically completed by migrant workers who live and work with us. We can use this information to enable us to review our recruitment processes in order to attract more women to apply for roles with us.

Gender Pay Data for 2016 – 2017

Hourly Pay Rates

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay 2%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay 1.7%

Bonus Pay

Percentage of staff receiving bonus pay

Male 79%

Female 50%

Difference in mean bonus pay 29%
Difference in median bonus pay 25%

Pay Quartiles

Staff by pay quartile (Male, Female)
Upper quartile 62% 38%  Upper middle quartile 52% 48%
Lower middle quartile 50% 50%
Lower quartile 38% 62%