Orchard Views – Building a Community – Latest Update

Orchard Views, the new purpose built accommodation site in Kent, is under construction. Our teams are working hard, and we are finally nearing the last of the ground works.


We have reshaped the landscape into three distinct areas, with pathways, steps and road access, as well as dug trenches for water, gas and electric supply.


We’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches onto the foundations, siting the caravans and laying turf. We have also planted in excess of 500 trees on the site, bringing the orchards into the site itself!


We anticipate the site will be ready for occupants within the next month, and look forward to the arrival of our workers.


We are confident they will enjoy living at the site, with access to an on-site shop, community centre and full-size football pitch.


This is the first venture of its kind for Pro-Force, and we look forward to developing more sites like it over the UK, for all our workers to enjoy.