Pro-Force Launches

March 2005 The launch of Pro-Force to supply ethical labour to a group of nurseries in Hampshire and West Sussex

Association of Labour Providers

April 2005 Pro-Force integral in the formation of the ALP

Gangmasters Licencing

April 2005 Pro-Force involved in agreeing the licensing standards of the Gangmasters Licencing Authority

Southampton Branch Opens

June 2005 Southampton Branch Opens

Picking School Opens

March 2006 Picking school opened for fruit farmers

£150,000 Training Grant

May 2006 Pro-Force granted £150,000 training grant from DEFRA

Eastern Europe

March 2007 Direct recruitment starts in Eastern Europe

Accommodation of Staff Starts

June 2007 Pro-Force first starts providing on-site accommodation for workers

Kent Branch Opens

September 2007 Kent Branch Opens

Operator’s Licence

November 2007 Pro-Force granted Operator’s Licence

Yorkshire on Site Opens

August 2008 Yorkshire on Site Opens

Isle of Wight on Site Opens

March 2009 Isle of Wight on Site Opens

Portsmouth Branch Opens

October 2010 Portsmouth Branch Opens

Margate Branch Opens

February 2011 Margate Branch Opens

Hereford on Site Opens

April 2012 Hereford on Site Opens

Head Office Opens

October 2012 Head Office Opens

Cornwall on Site Opens

March 2013 Cornwall on Site Opens

Driving Division Launched

March 2014 Driving Division Launched

ALP Member’s Council

September 2014 Matthew Jarrett MD appointed onto the ALP Member’s Council

Maidstone Branch Opens

February 2015 Maidstone Branch Opens

Lincolnshire Branch Opens

March 2015 Lincolnshire Branch Opens March 2015 Pro-Force start providing labour in Lincolnshire

Boston Recruitment Opens

May 2015 Boston Branch Opens

Southern Accommodation Sites Opens

March 2016

Flagship Worker Village “Orchard Views” Opens

June 2016

Welling Office Opens

Jan 2018 Pro-Force opens its new office in Welling, allowing further reach across Kent and London