Pro-Force Compliance

GLA Licenced

As a Gangmaster’s Licenced Labour Provider, we are dedicated to protecting vulnerable migrant workers, and preventing the exploitation of those workers. We work closely with the GLA to tackle industry problems, including criminal activities and bad practice, and ensure our own practices.

Association of Labour Providers

In 2005, Pro-Force were instrumental in setting up the Association of Labour Providers, and today are a registered member, and sit on the Member’s Council. Together, we aim to identify and remedy industry issues, from the shop floor to the board room. This commitment to raising industry standards ensures we’re seen as an employer of choice for our workers and a long term business partner for our clients.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation Member

As a registered member of the REC, we abide by the Code of Professional Practice, demonstrating our commitment to raising standards and demonstrating excellence in the recruitment industry.

Committed to Ethical Trade

Pro-Force are committed to the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code, and are a key part of the vision where all workers are free from exploitation, discrimination & enjoy conditions of freedom, security & equity, security & equity. Improving working conditions and operational practices, working closely with our clients to ensure every Pro-Force worker is safe, secure & happy.