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Please be aware Pro-Force Limited will be conducting all our recruitment directly in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Moldova and Morocco.

We do not work with third party companies. If you are asked to pay money to be part of this scheme by an individual or company, please do not make any payment. Pro-Force Limited will only contact you via our website or authorised social media pages and email accounts.

The only costs to our staff will be for their own VISA and transport to the UK.

If someone approaches you to ask for money for a job, please do not pay them, and report it to us via email on, in order to enable us to escalate it to the proper authorities.

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Seasonal Worker Pilot

We are pleased to have been selected by Government to implement the new Seasonal Worker pilot operated by the Home Office. Our selection is testament to the strength and depth of our teams supported by extensive systems and processes designed to improve efficiencies and protect our workforce.

We are seen as the leaders in ethical recruitment, being the first large recruiter to bring all recruitment inhouse and ensure worker fees were abolished from our supply chains.

The business has been instrumental in developing guidance for the industry including Retailers, The Fresh Produce Consortium and The Association of Labour Providers. We are well placed to administer and deliver a successful pilot. The models we have proposed will ensure industry success whilst reducing risk and delivering timely reporting data to the stakeholders.

Our models will help drive efficiencies in the sector and will leave the government with a successful potential future scheme. The adaption of our own Operations Management software (TOM), we believe will set us apart, with end to end visibility for candidate, grower and Home Office.

Increase in SWP numbers from 1,250 to 5,000

25th February 2020

We are very pleased to confirm the government announcement today outlining the expansion of the Seasonal Worker Pilot quota from 2,500 workers to 10,000 workers for 2020.  The national quota will be split equally between the two scheme operators providing Pro-Force with an annual quota of 5,000 VISAs.  This will give Pro-Force the capability to recruit and apply for visas for 5,000 associates to come  to the UK, from non-EU, countries and work in edible horticulture.

In conjunction with the increase in visa’s, the government have increased the standards within the scheme as a result of the exceptional performance data produced in the first year (2019) of the Pilot.  In particular, the key performance indicator targets, detailed below, which must be achieved are being tightened for 2020.

  • 95 percent of sponsored migrants are granted entry clearance visa – an increase from 90 percent – in 2019 Pro-Force achieved 99.84%
  • 3 percent or less of sponsored migrants who obtain entry clearance fail to arrive at their place of employment – a reduction from 5 percent – in 2019 Pro-Force achieved 99.92%
  • 97 percent of sponsored migrants who obtain entry clearance return overseas at the end of their permitted stay – an increase from 95 percent – in 2019 Pro-Force achieved 100%

We are delighted with the performance delivered in 2019 and are seeking to maintain these high standards for the benefit of any ongoing scheme and the wider industry.

In addition, we have been reminded that this is a Pilot Scheme, and there is an expectation from the government that as an operator of the scheme we are required to be “Piloting” new source countries, sectors, regions of supply in the UK and ways in which the scheme could be operated in the future.  In order to further these aims, we will be developing recruitment from some new countries Morocco, Russia and Belarus alongside Ukraine and Moldova throughout 2020.

The increase will allow us to improve the support we offer to employers that participated in the scheme in 2019.  We are very pleased that all but one farm with who we have supplied via the Pilot in 2019 wishes to continue to work with us in 2020 and wants to source more workers.  This is as a direct result of their experiences in 2019, and a testament to the innovative and progressive approach taken by the delivery team at Pro-Force who have gone above and beyond to ensure the first year of the Pilot was a success.

As a result of the increased allowance and our requirement to “pilot” the scheme, Pro-Force will be taking on additional Labour Users.  Please register any interest in working with us on the pilot here.

We are reviewing our charges for the second year of the Pilot scheme as a result of the increased economies of scale which the increased quota will provide us however we are pleased that the feedback from the first year of operation has shown that the pricing model and system we have adopted is delivering exceptional value for money for farmers and growers and the increased numbers will further improve this.

We are pleased to confirm that recruitment is already at an advanced stage from Ukraine and Moldova where we recruited in 2019 for both returnees and new candidates, this being the second year of the Pilot has made a big difference in the applicant interest building on the worker experiences in 2019.  In addition, we are making good progress at establishing recruitment from Russia, Belarus and Morocco for 2020 as developing source countries.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the content of this statement please contact Jimmy Davies – 07894 513917 – Pro-Force Director with responsibility for SWP.

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