Stronger Together

Our Role

Pro-Force Limited is committed to developing and implementing a proactive and positive approach to tackling the hidden exploitation of migrant workers. Pro-Force, as a leading Agricultural, Horticultural, Industrial and Driving labour provider, recognise the role we play in the front line of the recruitment process, and are vital in tackling the problem of labour exploitation and human trafficking head on.

Preventing Exploitation

Labour exploitation is the exploitation of job applicants and workers. It is often hidden from compliant, licenced labour providers and their clients, and carried out by third parties, including individuals and organisations. It includes forced labour and human trafficking, payment for work finding services, and work-related exploitation, including the forced use of accommodation. It is often well hidden by the perpetrators, with victims, if they perceive themselves as such, are often very reluctant or frightened to come forward, for fear of repercussions, which could include violence, or other forms of persecution or intimidation.

Business Partners

Pro-Force is a Stronger2gether Business Partner, and is committed to tackling the problems of hidden labour exploitation, in all aspects of our business, from sourcing and recruitment through to placing workers on assignment with our clients.
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