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Transport and Accomodation

With our ability to provide our workers with optional transport and accomodation services, we can provide a fully transient, flexible workforce. Combined with our international recruitment and commitment to training & developing our workforce, we can easily meet seasonal peaks in our client’s labour requirements

We currently operate a fleet of 65 vehicles from 8-53 seaters, managed under our National Operators Licence. We have a dedicated Transport Manager and a team of coordinators and drivers.
National Operators Licence
Fully Comprehensive Hire and Reward Insurance
CPC trained drivers (vehicles over 8 passenger seats)
PSV tested vehicles
6 weekly inspections
At peak points during the year we contract and hire additional vehicles. All our vehicles, including contracted vehicles, are branded in our colours and logo.
We provide optional transport to and from work for our workers, both living in their own and our accommodation
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To ensure we have the right calibre of staff, and to compliment our local recruitment branches, we also recruit across Europe. The successful staff join us for a season, and have the choice to live in one of our Worker Villages.
Key aspects of our Accommodation Services include:

Welfare management & support
Dedicated Accommodation management
Full compliance with GLA and H&S standards
Strict internal standards and weekly checks
Structured external audits including clients and regulatory bodies
We currently operate 7 worker villages, accommodating up to 1,500 workers. 2015 has seen our first Worker Village in the South Region, and we will also see our first Worker Village in the newly opened Lincolnshire region.

All our sites include static caravans or lodges, including kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities, heating, water supply and communal areas for socialising and events.

For more information on our accommodation, please see our living with Pro-Force area.

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