Working in the agricultural sector can be great fun, but it is also hard work.  There are various jobs but all of them require you to be physically fit, ready to be on your feet all day and if you want to earn good money you will need to be able to motivate yourself to work quickly and accurately.  And don’t forget about the weather, sometimes it will be amazing sunshine but sometimes it may be raining, which is fine if you are working in a huge greenhouse, not so great if you are out in the fields. Working days are normally about 8 hours long but there is often the chance to work extra hours, and there is the opportunity to work 5-6 days per week.  Typically, you can earn £420 to £500 per week but the very best pickers will often earn over £800. Whilst it is hard work there is a huge amount of flexibility in the days you can choose to work, so if you want to work full-time you can but if you only want to work a couple of days per week that’s also absolutely fine.  The farms are usually open 7 days a week so you can also just work weekends if you want to. Jobs in agriculture aren’t complicated but we will ensure you have all the training you need, and there will always be a supervisor with you if you need extra support. Safety is one of our key concerns so we will always ensure you have the right training; equipment and we will ensure all government advice is followed. There is a large range of jobs available including:
  • Crop workers
  • Harvesting staff
  • Husbandry workers
  • Drivers
 Click on the videos below to see what it’s like to work in agriculture.  Click here to apply.