Agricultural Recruitment

Pro-Force have a long history as the UKs leading agricultural recruitment agency. Supporting the agricultural and fresh produce industry, and our expansive knowledge of the business and the surrounding environment enables us to build long term relationships with growing organisations through to packing facilities.

Flexible Workers
We provide temporary labour to large farms in the top, soft and stone fruit markets, as well as vegetable, salad, dairy, poultry and livestock enterprises, including:

  • Field and farm labourers
  • Crop workers
  • Harvesting staff
  • Husbandry workers
  • Drivers
  • Seasonal workers

Managed Solutions
What sets us apart from other labour providers is our experience and knowledge of the industry – we can provide large teams of flexible workers to suit fluctuating requirements, provide on-site management, or take over an entire project for a fixed cost.

  • Managed solutions
  • Fixed price / unit price
  • Management consultancy
  • Transport and accommodation
  • Consultancy services–