Meat & Poultry

The meat we buy in supermarkets doesn’t just appear by magic! There are thousands of dedicated workers all over the UK, processing our meat products so they get on to the shelves ready to cook. It is often quite a noisy environment with some machinery helping in the process, and it can be very fast so be ready to stay focused on the job you are doing. Working days are normally up about 8 hours long but there is often the chance to work extra hours, and there is the opportunity to work 5-6 days per week.  Work is often on a shift pattern but we can be flexible on which days you work and which days you don’t. Safety is one of our key concerns so we will always ensure you have the right training; equipment and we will ensure all government advice is followed. There is a large range of jobs available including:
  • Production line operatives
  • Butchers
  • Machine operatives
  • Packing operatives
  • Quality Control
  • Line leaders
  • Planning and administration
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