Our Commitment

We are a member of a number of voluntary organisations in order to ensure we can help shape and implement best practice into our day to day operations.

Association of Labour Providers Member

 Pro-Force is a registered member of the ALP and our Managing Director, Matthew Jarrett, sits on the Member’s Council.

We work closely with the ALP to address and remedy industry problems, at all levels from the ground floor to the boardroom. Ranging from tackling key issues such as the risks of worker exploitation, through to ensuring supply chain transparency.

Developing and setting best practice standards, Pro-Force implement such processes into our own business and internal procedures, ensuring we are on the edge of the latest changes and developments in the industry. Ensuring legislative adherence, client satisfaction and a competitive edge, by working with the ALP we can ensure we are the Employer of Choice for our workers, and a long term business partner for our clients.

Stronger Together

We have been a Stronger Together Business Partner since 2015 and recognise the vital role we play, as front line labour recruiters, in recognising the signs of labour exploitation, and putting in steps to prevent exploitation within our supply chain, and ensure the health, safety and welfare of our staff.

For further information on our procedures, please refer to our Business Partner page on the Stronger Together website.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation Member

 As a registered member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, we abide by the REC’s Code of Professional Practice.

We are committed to raising standards and highlighting excellence throughout the recruitment industry. We focus on managing risks, developing standards of excellence and developing our staff – both our workers and our employees.