Pro-Force are able to offer tailored recruitment services to clients all over the UK. Using our local branch network alongside our dedicated international recruitment teams, we are able to find workers for positions all over the UK, from temporary or seasonal workers through to management roles. We work closely with our clients to ensure the right candidates for the right roles, and are able to provide training and even on-site support to help meet your labour needs.

Pro-Force recruits directly overseas, all across Europe, to find motivated individuals to join us for seasonal work. We conduct all our international recruitment ourselves, and do not engage the services of any 2nd tier or overseas recruiter.

This ensures we have full control over our supply chain, and are able to find the best staff to meet our client’s labour needs. We have robust procedures in place to ensure our supply chain is free from the risks of modern slavery and labour exploitation.

We predominately source from Eastern Europe, covering the following areas:

  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Russia

Our multi-lingual recruitment consultants are able to speak to staff in their native languages, meaning that all staff are equipped with full information regarding the job and accommodation options before they leave their home countries.

All staff are provided with full written, photographic information on working with Pro-Force before they leave, alongside an interactive online training programme, to ensure they have ready access to all necessary information, and arrive in the UK ready to undertake their work placements.

With our network of branch offices, we are able to recruit staff from all over the UK for seasonal and ongoing work with our clients.

We conduct our recruitment to the highest regulatory and ethical standards, and all our recruitment staff are fully trained on safe recruitment procedures. We are able to satisfy any checks on staff our clients require, removing elements of risk from our clients supply chain.

  • Fully compliant right to work checks
  • Sourcing and selection based on meritocracy
  • Respect for equality and diversity underpinning all procedures
  • Full skills based assessment including:
    • Literacy
    • Spoken English
    • Numeracy
  • Background checks including employment history
  • Full and engaging induction procedures
  • H&S training
  • Onsite job training

We are committed to providing all our clients with a reliable, responsive service, and pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible enough to meet client needs.

Using our internal International Recruitment Team, we are able to offer our clients a different service to the traditional methods of labour provision. Rather than worrying about weekly invoices, simply utilise our Direct Placement model, and pay a one off, fixed fee per staff member.

  • Engage workers directly
  • One off, fixed fee per worker
  • Fully compliant recruitment methods
  • Simple and transparent
  • Recruitment needs easily met

Through our two recruitment models, we are able to offer our clients a range of solutions for their labour needs, as well as the flexibility they need to succeed.

Our extensive contacts within the industry mean we are able to provide permanent staffing solutions for more senior positions, such as supervisory and management roles.

We are able to provide candidates to roles into the following areas:

  • Operations management
  • Production
  • Technical
  • Farm management
  • Senior management
  • H&R and payroll
  • Health and safety

We are able to offer both permanent and interim solutions across all levels, and provide a well rounded, executive search function to meet our client’s vacancies.

Associate engagement is crucial to the success of our recruitment programmes. We provide ongoing support for all our workers, as well as training and development opportunities. Often we house our staff as well, meaning we are able to provide them with support in all areas.

  • Full, tailored induction
  • Health and safety training
  • Ongoing training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Online payslips

Through this focus on training and welfare, we are able to provide our clients with loyal, flexible teams of competent staff, who can succeed in their roles.