The Pilot Scheme

Apply Here! Ukrainian Applicants!

In order to make a success of the Pilot Scheme, and to comply with UK labour supply laws, we will be conducting recruitment directly in Ukraine. This is due to the limited amount of VISA’s currently available via the Scheme, which is 8250 for 2021.

In time, we will look to expand our operations and recruit in other countries. If you have previously registered your interest but are not a Ukrainian national, we will keep your details on file (in line with our privacy policy) and contact you as and when we recruit in other locations.

Pro-Force conducts its recruitment directly and in line with UK law. We do not work with any other agents in Ukraine. Please ensure you contact Pro-Force directly via our website, via our official social media pages Facebook Ukraine, via email on, or telephone on +380 99 151 6288.

If someone approaches you to ask for money for a job, please do not pay them, and report it to us via email on, in order to enable us to escalate it to the proper authorities.

The only costs for Pilot Scheme Workers will be for the VISA and transport to the UK. We provide medical and repatriation insurance free of charge. We do not charge commission or any illegal fees.

How do I apply to be part of the scheme?

If you are a native of Ukraine, please apply via our Facebook page Pro-Force Ukraine. You can also contact us on email on

Apply here!

A: The scheme has been running from April 2019 and we are currently recruiting for 2021.

A: We are looking to provide workers to all areas in the UK, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A: The pilot scheme offers seasonal work for 6 months in edible horticulture. This means work such crop harvesting, maintenance, husbandry and packing and processing. It will be in sectors including vegetables, soft fruit, top fruit, vines and mushrooms.

A: The pay rate varies on the role. However, it will be at least equivalent to the National Minimum Wage, which in April 2021 will be £8.91 per hour. Some roles may offer enhanced pay, overtime and bonus schemes. Payment will be made weekly in to your own bank account.

A: We can support you in setting up a bank account or a prepaid VISA card. If required, we can also support you in getting an NI number, registering with a local GP, or any other support you may require for working in the UK.

A: We will be able to offer 8250 places for 2021.

A: We will be recruiting from Ukraine, with a small amount from Russia and Nepal via our partners Agri-HR and Poseidon respectively.

A: Once the VISA details are confirmed, we will release information on the application process. Pro-Force would act as a sponsor for your VISA and would guide you through the application process, as well as support you through any information you would need to submit to the immigration authorities. You will need to visit the VISA centres to complete the application process.

A: The VISAS are valid for six months out of every twelve. After the six months is finished, you have to return to your home country. You can then reapply later for another six months work the following year.

A: There are two costs:

  • The cost of the VISA application (£244)
  • The cost of travel to and from the UK

Once you are working, you will also likely make payment for:

  • Your accommodation
  • Your transport to and from work
  • Your food and general living costs