Emergency Contact

Are you in danger, or trouble?

• Are you being forced to work when you don’t want to?
• Do you have to pay someone money to give you work?
• Are you being forced to live somewhere when you don’t want to?
• Is someone controlling your identity documents?
• Is someone threatening or intimidating you, or your family?

Do you have any questions, or issues?

• About your pay or working conditions
• About your accommodation
• About your transport
• Any other issues

And remember – if you are in serious trouble:

Immediate, life threatening danger:
Call the Police on 999

Serious Issues:
Call the Police on 101

Mistreatment Issues:
Call the Gangmaster’s Licencing Authority on 0800 432 0804

Talk to Pro-Force!

This form will be sent directly to a member of Pro-Force’s Management team who will ensure you are given the help and support that you need. All correspondence through this form will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

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