Frequently Asked Questions

About the Work

The type of work you will be doing depends on the client you will be working for. Pro-Force provides work in the Agriculture, Horticulture, Industrial & Driving sectors, so there is a range of different roles on offer. We can find you work that suits your skills, and that you will find rewarding.
No, Pro-Force will never charge you for registering with us, and will never charge you for any kind of work finding services. If you think you have been charged by anyone, even before you came to Pro-Force – you must tell us so we can help you. Call, email or use our Emergency Contact Form.
The hours of work will depend on the type of work you carry out, and the assignment you are working on. You will always receive your statutory rest breaks & periods, and you will not be required to work more than 48 hours per week, unless you agree in writing that this limit shall not apply. Opting Out of the working week limit is totally your choice. This will be explained to you at registration.
You will complete a timesheet, or follow the client’s procedures for recording working hours. You must make sure you follow the procedure shown to you in your Induction or on your first day for recording hours, because a failure to follow correct procedure may result in a delay in your pay processing.

Registration & Induction

If you want us to find you work, call us or attend to your local office, and we can book you in for Registration. We can speak to you, and find out what kind of work you are interested in. If we have some work available you would like to do, you can complete your paperwork (including receiving a copy of your Contract for Services and your Assignment Details).
Your induction will depend on the assignment you are undertaken, but typically covers all the information you will need about doing the job role, and full details about working for Pro-Force on assignment. You will also receive health & safety awareness training, and it can also include a site tour and job role training.

Pay & Pay Queries

You will be paid weekly, with payment in arrears of a week. This means for every week you work, you will be paid the Friday following the week worked. Pro-Force pays you in to your own bank account. You must have a bank account to be paid. If you do not, speak to us and we can help you set up your own account.
Your pay rate depends on what assignment you will be carrying out. This rate will be detailed in your Assignment details schedule, and may be an hourly rate, or a piece rate if you are doing a picking role. No matter what the method of payment calculation or rate, you will always be paid at a rate at least equivalent to the National Minimum Wage
You will always be provided with a Pay Slip – which will be itemised and show your hours worked, and any applicable deductions – such as Income Tax, or National Insurance.
If you think there has been an error, come and speak to us and complete a Pay Queries Form. You must provide information to support your claim. If a correction is required, this will normally be made the following pay period.

Holidays & Absence

You are entitled to paid holiday leave each holiday year. You accrue holiday for time worked – so for every hour you work, you will be entitled to roughly seven minutes paid holiday. This builds up to a maximum entitlement of 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year. You can only take and be paid for holiday you have accrued through hours worked.
You will be required to book holiday by completing a holiday form and providing it to Pro-Force. We try to ensure you get the holiday you want, but you must give at least 2 weeks notice, and we reserve the right to organise your holiday around the needs of your work.
You must inform Pro-Force at least 2 hours before the start of your shift that you are unable to attend. If you meet the necessary criteria, you may be eligible for Sick Pay. You must complete a Self Certification Form, or provide a Doctor’s Note if your sickness period is longer than 7 days. Pro-Force can give you more information on Sick Pay if you need it.
If you think there has been an error, come and speak to us and complete a Pay Queries Form. You must provide information to support your claim. If a correction is required, this will normally be made the following pay period.

Family Friendly

You must tell us if you are pregnant, so we can make sure your work place is safe for you and your baby by carrying out a risk assessment. We can let you know if you are eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay, and you must provide us with a copy of your MATb1 form from your doctor or midwife.
If you qualify, you may be able to take time off for the birth of your baby. If your partner is expecting, let us know and we can tell you if you are eligible and provide you with all the information you will need.
If you are pregnant and have completed your qualifying period, you may be eligible for reasonable paid time off to attend antenatal appointments. Let us know when you are pregnant, and we can let you know if you qualify, and provide you with the information you will need.

Health & Safety

Your training will depend on the job you are doing, but you will always be provided with the correct training to do your job safely. As a minimum, all Pro-Force workers are provided with basic health & safety awareness training, including manual handling, emergency procedures, and hygiene / safety requirements.
You will be provided with all the PPE you need to do your job before you start. This equipment will be provided free of charge. You must make sure you use your PPE correctly, and at all times when working. You will be given training on how to use your PPE. If you are issued with PPE, and don’t return it when you leave your assignment, you may have to make payment for replacement.
You must report any accidents to your supervisor or manager, no matter how small they may seem! Firstly, we have to make sure you receive any first aid, or any medical attention you may require. We then need to make sure what ever caused your accident is safe, so it can’t happen again. We also need to make sure records are kept, and the incident is reported correctly.
If you’ve hurt yourself, make sure you locate your first aider so you can receive first aid. You will be told who is your first aider in your Induction, on the first day of your new assignment. Make sure you remember who it is, and what to do if you hurt yourself.
Pro-Force works closely with our clients to ensure all work places are safe for you and other workers just like you. We always ensure you receive an induction covering full site health & safety rules, including manual handling training. You must make sure you listen closely and follow safe work instructions – such as following procedure and using equipment safely. You will receive training to ensure you carry out your role safely. If you have any questions or issues regarding your safety, contact Pro-Force directly, either by phone, email or using our Emergency Contact Form.

Agency Workers Regulations

Day 1 rights means that you will get the same rights and access to facilities as if you had been hired directly by the client you are working at – from your very first day. So if you’re working in a packhouse, and there is a canteen for the client’s workers doing the same role as you, you will be able to eat your lunch in the canteen, just like the other workers. Pro-Force will explain on your first day what you will have access to, which will vary dependant on the client’s facilities and the work available.
A qualifying period is 12 weeks or more in the same assignment. This period must have some work done in each of the 12 weeks. It can be affected by you not attending work, or can be “paused” for other reasons. Speak to Pro-Force who will be able to give you full details regarding the qualifying period.
Week 12 rights means if you are working on assignment with the same client for 12 weeks or more, you will be entitled to the same rights as a directly hired worker doing the same role – rights connected to pay and benefits. This is only applicable if there is a directly hired worker at your work place doing the same job as you – a comparator. If they are paid a different rate to you, after 12 weeks you will be entitled to receive the same rate as them.
If you have reached your 12 week rights through completion of your qualifying period, you may be entitled to paid time of to attend antenatal care appointments if you are pregnant. If you know you are pregnant, you must inform Pro-Force so we can help ensure you and your baby are safe, and you receive your full entitlements.