Overseas Recruitment

Pro-Force recruit all over the European Union for workers who can come and join us for seasonal work. We have opportunities all over the UK for work in the agriculture, horticultural and industrial sectors.

We recruit in the following countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary and many more!

If you are looking for work in the UK, contact us via phone, email or social media for more information.

We also conduct Open Days, and Job Fairs – please see our Social Media and Blog for dates and details.

Working in the UK – Frequently Asked Questions

Coming to the UK

Call us, email us, or contact us on our social media – including Facebook & Twitter. You can speak to a Pro-Force representative who will let you know what kinds of work we have, and let you know what is required. We can provide you with support in coming over, and let you know when you need to arrive, and where to go.
Pro-Force will never ask you to make any form of payment to find you work in the UK. We do not charge for work finding, or take any kind of “commission” payment. You will be paid for the hours you work in the UK.

If you chose to live in our accommodation, you will have to pay to live there, but such payments will be clearly detailed on your payslip and will never exceed the accommodation offset amount as paid by law. If you chose to use our transport service, you will make an upfront payment for the service (and receive a receipt).

We can provide you advice on how to travel to the UK, including contact details of travel companies. Speak to us for more information on your options for transport to the UK if you need some help and advice.

What to bring with you?

You will need to bring proof of your right to work in the UK – such as your National Identity Card or Passport. You will also need a UK bank account. We can help you set up an account if you don’t have one. You will also need a UK National Insurance Number – we can help you once you are working to obtain one.
It’s a good idea to bring some money with you – you will be working as soon as you arrive in the UK, but won’t be paid until you have worked a week and we have processed your pay. This will cover your food and other expenses before your first pay date.
Bring your luggage, clothes, anything you will need when you are staying away from your home. There are local shops, and we can help you find what you need, but it’s a good idea to bring the basics with you.


When you are in the UK, you can source and live in your own accommodation. If you wish, you can use our optional accommodation service. This is not available in all areas, so speak to your Pro-Force office for full details. For more details on the type of accommodation we provide – please see our Living with Pro-Force page.


You can organise your own transport to work – such as your own car, sharing with a friend, or using public transport. If you like, you can use our optional transport service. You don’t have to use this, and your hours of work or work options will not be affected if you don’t. If you do wish to use it, we can take you direct to work for a small fee – which is paid upfront and you will receive a receipt. It’s not available in all areas – speak to your Pro-Force office for more details.
We provide transport with a range of vehicles – from 9 seater minivans to full coaches. All our transport is safety checked, suitably insured and maintained.